about us
F & R Cycle Inc since 1982, has 40+ years of proven experience in the bicycle industry. Carrying over 5,000 bicycle parts and accessories including but not limited to Lowrider, Chopper, Limo Cruiser, BMX, and Beach Cruiser bicycles. Leading in the Lowrider Sector, some popular original products include Lowrider Logo Tires ,72 &144 Spoke Bicycle Rims, Bird-Cage Bicycle Frames, Bird-Cage Bicycle Rims, Bent or Straight Spring forks, Oil-Slick/Neon twisted parts, twisted trike conversions, velour grips, twisted baseball holders, twisted cup holders & much more! We strive to keep up with the demands of our customers when it comes to new innovations. By creating our own custom molds and styles, we are able to not only bring our ideas to life, but our customers as well.